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super 8 – jj abrams

May 12, 2010










download: doctor who series #5/1 – bbc

April 5, 2010



when worlds collide – paul pope

December 13, 2009



dmoxia – dermot power

December 9, 2009



Dmoxia has been posted on this blog before and it is shocking (to me) that so many people would rather look at 20 year old Lebbeus Woods drawings than this (that’s not deny that Lebbeus Woods is worth looking at). I’m posting the site link again in the hope that more people take a look this time. Certainly, I’ve appreciated a second look at this webcomic. The drawings/ paintings are things which you can come back to, and stand up well to this, not to mention that the site is constantly being added to.

Click on the image above to get to Dermot Power’s site.


…bernard the world destroyer – skottie young

December 2, 2009


panic attack – alvarez & raimi

December 1, 2009