As an architect, I specialise in large projects and have worked for a number of widely published and award-winning design practices. To put it bluntly, I dream up and/ or engineer possibilities and have been doing this for more than 20 years. Jobs have varied from some buildings and sites you might know in London, to the new University Centre for Oxford Brookes University, with Design Engine, to my own house.

All opinions included here are personal and not those of my employer. I current work for John McAslan + Partners, on the Heritage team, making good Berthold Lubetkin’s Hallfield Estate in West London. This is a new job and I’m very excited about it.

You can also read my personal blog on twitter at:

Here are the answers to some possible FAQ relating to this blog:

Q. Are you selling something?

A. Not today

Q. Who the hell are you?

A. I don’t know. I’ve just come out of a period of being unemployed and one thing I have learnt is to be a bit more grateful for what I’ve got. Also I learned that I like drawing and would be quite happy to do it all the time. As it is, I’m drawing four pages for the upcoming issue Of Solipsistic Pop (issue 4), so there will be more of me there (update: here is one of those pages:)

I’m also on Flickr, as Beat Takeshi. Scroll down on this blog to see the link to that. I’ll also draw your child,  or children, for you, if you ask me.

Q. Why are you making this blog now and why Space In Text?

A. The title refers to an old essay I wrote on the Jewish Museum in Berlin, by Daniel Libeskind. At the time of writing, this building only existed as a document, but it has since become real. I was looking for all the ways that stuff/space/architecture could develop outside of the concrete world. At that time I was just looking at books. Another update at 10.04.12: the site is still live, but I have not updated it in some time, sorry about that. The reason for this is that I’m spending what time I have drawing. I’ll update as soon as I can, possibly with some of my own work, but also hopefully with some of the backlog of other people’s work that has been waiting.

Q. What are you trying to do?

A. I’m learning from Warren Ellis who draws from a broad range of collected cultural references, including architecture, to make what he makes. I’m looking at doing the reverse, i.e. looking at a broad range of cultural references and seeing what can bleed into architecture. Now there are more exciting possibilities than just books- comics, games, writing, and so on.

There is probably another ulterior motive here- any one who knows me, or has seen my drawings will recognise that. To those people who have encouraged me, I’m working on it and I promise I will do something about it.

Q. Have you done an influence map?

A. Not really. I wrote down what I thought was one, but it seems to be changing. Warren Ellis (obviously). J.L. Carr. Alex Toth. Alberto Giacometti. Duncan Fegredo. Jenny Saville. Becky Cloonan. Brian Wood. Jock. for drawing, or for opening a way forward.. I’m not sure who else. Architects don’t really do influences. Lots of inspirations, though. Lots. You know who you are.

Q. It’s just a load of pictures?

A. All the pictures are links- to the original source material,  films, or for further information.

Q. Please will you take that post down, it’s my work and I object to you sharing it.

A. Yes, I’ll do it now.

Q. Why ItsthatLady

A. Often present, sometimes anonymous.

Q. There is a lot about comics on here…

A. They stand behind much of what I do: 2000AD was my first, and almost only, experience of art when I was little.

Q. Who drew your avatar image?

A. Leonard Kirk, for Marvel.

Q. Who are you to write about stuff you clearly know nothing about?

A. I’m happy to stand corrected. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t a learning experience.

Q. I’ve got an idea for the site/ would like to post something/ have a similar blog/ etc.

A. Feel free to email me.

Q. I want to know more about the Architecture work you do.

A. Again, feel free to email me, but I may well forward your email to the most suitable person at JMP. You could also write to the contact on the website above.


8 Responses to “Itsthatlady”

  1. James Potter Says:

    Hi Alison, I stood behind you in the Jock queue at thought bubble. It was nice meeting you and I got a great sketch myself. Gonna post it up on twitpic in a bit.

  2. Bill Blundin Says:

    Dear Ms. Sampson,
    I am shocked, shocked I tell you. I am 71.5 yrs. old and have been looking for the F 86 story for over 50 yrs.
    I paid 10 cents for the comic it was first published. The images in that story would crop up in my mind over the years like remembering a dear friend from long ago.
    I once owned almost every comic the EC published.
    I remember the day the magic died when EC shut down.
    For reasons I can’t remember my father made me destroy all my comics.
    Would you happen to have the story ‘ F9F Panther Jet’. By Jack Davis? Mr. Davis is still alive and living in Georgia, USA.
    Thank You for touching my life in such a wonderful way.
    Bill Blundin, Hayward, California

    • itsthatlady Says:

      I don’t have F9F Panther Jet by Jack Davis, but I will look for it for you. That is exactly what this blog is for. Sabre Jet is wonderful isn’t it? I’ve enjoyed it so much and can see why it has stuck with you all these years. If there is anything else you’d like to share, mention or have me look for, all your suggestions and thoughts are very welcome.
      Best wishes and nice to hear from you.
      Alison/ @itsthatlady

  3. Stesun Says:

    Hello,I’m a Chinese art lover, and I am a student of Xi’an academy of fine arts, I like your blog, and I usually visit there to see the new paintings you published.

    Welcome to meet you.

    p.s.I want to see your drawing…can I find them?

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