page: frontline combat – kurtzman/ wood

February 24, 2011



I don’t know who drew this, or what it was part of. I’m guessing it might be Wally Wood and Harvey Kurtzman, as was the war crimes page shown a few below this (the one linked on Comics Reporter). Please feel free to let me know, if you know.



4 Responses to “page: frontline combat – kurtzman/ wood”

  1. Words & pencils, Kurtzman; finishes, Wood, by the look of it.

  2. Algol510 Says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember Jack Davis?
    To me it really, really appears to be Davis.
    He is sill allive in Georgia, USA.

    • itsthatlady Says:

      Having asked on twitter who had drawn this, the first suggestion Was Jack Davis, but the person who suggested that (Dave Gibbons) then reconsidered and advised it was Kurtzman and Wood. I’m inclined to this it is K. and W. as it is similar to the credited page I put up about a week earlier. People do remember Jack Davis..and a google search shows that. I’m just not sure this is him- but it could be.

      • algol510 Says:

        Thank you for your reply. I am flattered that you took the time. You must be extremely busy. Your site is wonderful and it shows the best side of Internet use and content. I googled K and Davis. I just can’t attached K to those drawings. I think of K in the style of the first Mad cover which he did. All his work reminded me of that style. … But I have been mistaken more then a couple of times. Keep up the great work. You are greatly appreciated.
        Bill Blundin

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