detail – sean phillips

November 2, 2010


Sometimes, when you look at one small thing closely, you see so much, and that is the case here. This may not be the largest painting, but it isn’t simple either. Who owns this suit? What’s his attitude? Is he a big man, does he not wear that suit often, or is it workwear? When is this and how does the light fall? I like how the colour varies over the surface of the material and tells us how smooth the material is. From this you could guess the quality of the fabric (I think its workwear, from the colour and the crumpling, but can’t be sure). All this in a detail. Amazing, really.

I also like the colour (superficial, yes), and I’m impressed by the seeming ease with which this is done, but mostly I like the single impression gained, where the questions are unconscious, but the detail tells the story.

On a possibly unrelated note, (except I think the suit above is from Incognito), Sean painted this for me at London’s comic-con, MCM Expo. Unrelated, but I like it. The look on Zack Overkill’s face is classic.






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