the lengths – howard hardiman/ cutebutsad

August 27, 2010



Sometimes obsession drives us into dark places and leaves us too ashamed to look for a way back.

This is a project I’ve been looking forward to for some time. If you want to hear a new voice, pay attention here. Click on the above image to go to the new website for this developing work and see preview images for Howard hardiman’s upcoming book, The Lengths, a story of Eddie and what happens to him. This is a story allegedly about men meeting men, but actually is a story familiar to many, many of us. If you look for Badger, lower down on this blog, you’ll know that Howard Hardiman has an eye for allegory and a talent for pricking our emotions. The Lengths is the same. It may look like it is about a world unfamiliar to many readers, but as with Badger, the telling of this story is really a technique for telling another story: the tale we tell ourselves.

Please support the production of this book. Its not common to see a relatively new storyteller bring forward something as exciting and ambitious as this, and the work deserves to have the widest audience possible. Howard has set up a page at Indiegogo where you can go to support the project directly and enable the book production. Click on the image below to go there. There are, of course, rewards, over and above getting to read something amazing and unique, written by a person who has something to say.




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